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2019-05-19 20:39:47

Thanks to a video tweeted by the National Geographic channel, tweeps are heartbroken for one penguin who was kicked out of his own home. By another male penguin, whom he found red-handed cheating with his wife and the mother of his children.

Well, as any man would do male penguin would do, is protect what belongs to him. At the very least, try to protect what is his. That’s exactly what this penguin did when he found his wife cheating on him. He decided to fight the other penguin, but his days was about to get even worse.

First, he caught his wife with another male. Trying to fight off that male, he was overwhelmed and received more blows than he was able to send. To add salt to the injuries he sustained, his wife picks her new lover over him, right there on the spot. Even without hesitation.

Together, his now ex-wife enters their matrimonial burrow with her new lover, locking him out in the freezing cold arctic ice. Jeez, talk about being left out in the cold! Please be advised the video below is graphic and might be uncomfortable for some. Readers discretion is advised.

Twitter felt sorry for Papa Penguing, and you can read all about their expression of sorry and standing together with him under hashtags like. #MalePenguinLivesMatter #FemalePenguinsAintLoyal

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