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2019-07-18 23:41:40

My inconsistencies from switching so much, my long periods of dissociation, my lack and intense fear or people.. it all effects my projects. People reach out to buy my art, they reach out to collab. I start projects working with some people (online) then go missing for days then come back like nothing happened. I can imagine how that must feel...... I cant work and am waiting for disability to be approved. But I refuse to sit at home and do nothing. I try to make the best of my situation. I compensate social skills in person, for working with people online via writing or text. I get projects done, I do them. But I dont get the recognition or money or support I could have gotten. But maybe that's the point. Maybe I'm supposed to be doing these things without expectation of credit or money or support. Idk. Any tips guys? Was recently in therapy and she asked what i did to cope with everything. I went black (idk who was there) then she brought up art (I think she found my social media or website) and then I was like oh yeah I'm an artist. But I don't get into it.. it doesn't seem like me when I'm with people. Maybe I'm scared to give a part of me away. My creativity is all that I have.

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